QuickJack HS
(Design protected - Patent applied)

With the QuickJACK system you can quickly create a base of any size and shape. Here are a some kits to cover the most popular of building sizes. For bespoke designs, call: 01653 531058.

Kit 1 - Small Buildings

Suitable for Small Buildings: 6ft x 4ft, 6ft x 6ft.
(Does not include timbers)

Kit 2 - Garden Buildings & Decking

Garden Buildings & Decking: 7ft x 5ft, 8ft x 6ft.
(Does not include timbers)

Kit 3 - Garden Buildings

Suitable for Garden Buildings: 8ft x 8ft, 8ft x 10ft, 10ft x 10ft.
(Does not include timbers)

Kit 4 - Sheds or Decking

Suitable for Sheds or Decking: 12ft x 8ft, 12ft x 10ft.
(Does not include timbers)

Kit 5 - Lightweight Cabins and Decking Areas

Suitable for Lightweight Cabins and Decking Areas: 3m x 3m.
(Does not include timbers)

Kit 6 - Small Cabins and Decking Areas

Suitable for Small Cabins and Decking Areas: 2m x 2m.
(Does not include timbers)

Kit 7 - Lightweight Garden Building and Decking

Suitable for Lightweight Garden Building and Decking: Upto 4m x 3m.
(Does not include timbers)

Kit 8 - Garden Buildings and Decking

Suitable for Garden Buildings and Decking: 4m x 2m.
(Does not include timbers)

Free Next Day Delivery

Order today before 1pm and get your order delivered the next day, free. Call one of our agents or call direct on: 01653 531058

Quality Construction

Each QuickJACK component is machined right here in the UK using top quality zinc-coated steel.

Levelling System

he QuickJACK system saves you valuable time when trying to achieve a level platform on uneven hard surfaces. Simply adjust the system up or down to create a level platform.


The QuickJACK HS sytem offers 2 types of brackets. The brackets are make from 6mm high grade steel and are zinc plated

QuickJACKAnchors your building

The QuickJACK HS sytem allows you to anchor your building to the hard surface to prevent uplift.

A great concept! This thing saved me a load of time and effort, and I'm impressed at how quick it is to install.

Graham, Birmingham.

Having used some of these products before, I needed a solution for an old concrete slab I had. This was perfect. Great product and delivered quick too.

Jim Booth, Worcester.

The QuickJACK system is available for delivery throughout the UK - call any number below to buy from an agent, or call us direct on 01653 531058 to dicuss additional base designs.

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